Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spice Rack

We've needed a spice storage solution for awhile now. Because Darcy has gotten so into cooking, I didn't think it was silly to really get creative and spend some time making a serious spice rack.

I was watching Chef at Home one day (which I find SUPER irritating, but that's not my point) and I loved how Michael Smith had his spices in mason jars. It looked so pretty. He had them stored in a giant pantry; I think they had their own freakin' wall. I definitely don't have that much space, but we do have a pass-through window that separates the kitchen and dining room. I decided to build a shelf that would fit perfectly in the space to hold mini masons of spices.

I have to thank my friend Tom for supplying the materials and the skills on this one (I still owe him a dinner!) He did encourage me to get on the saw and make a few cuts. So I did. Felt awesome. So tough.

It took me a long time and more than a few coats of paint to complete this project, but it's finally up! There was even space at the top to hold our cute le creuset mini cocottes!

Ack! Adorable. A picture wont do it justice, but this thing looks great in the morning when the sun is shining through it. Have I mentioned that I love spring?

Weaving, Tulips and Best Bud B-day gifts

I'm sad to say that on Sunday I will be attending my 5th and final weaving class which takes place across the street at Birkeland Brothers. I've already finished my main project and I LOVE it. I chose two super bright colours, turquoise and orange, to make a table runner for the coffee table. My colour choices raised a few eyebrows, but I thought they looked awesome together. Once I got weaving I realized why some people may have been skeptical...the colours are pretty trippy together. But now that the project is complete, it looks totally amazing.

I feel I need to brag that I was the first one to complete their project. Also, when our instructor, Jane, e-mailed some photos from the class to me, she said "YOU'RE THE STAR!!!!!". Just like that; in all caps. *smug grin.

For my final class, I think I want to start a set of coasters...but I don't know what colours to choose. I also don't want to spend a ton of $$ on four 3"x3" coasters. Hhmmm...Maybe the other ladies will lend me their scraps...

Here's a fun sequence of shots of me taking my table runner off the loom! Jane's to my left cheering me on:

And here it is in its new home:

Which brings me to the next topic of this post..TULIPS! It is freaking beautiful outside. It's SPRING. I want it too look like spring in the apartment too. There's a flower guy on the corner of Granville and Broadway that sells 2 bunches of tulips for $5.00. Sometimes he'll even sell 3 bunches of older tulips for $5.00. Best deal in town!

We celebrated a couple of great friends on their birthday last night. My lovely friend Ashley was the lucky recipient if this hand made wonder from yours truly! It's going to look great in the back window of her new ride.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Horrible Green Sweater

I was almost ready to check "Finish green sweater" off my list...But then I tried it on. Turns out I knit it a size too big. The sleeves are even too big for the too big sweater, so when I sewed them in, they got all bunchy making it look like I left room to insert shoulder pads...UGH!! So friggen frustrating to spend so much time on something to have it not turn out.

Actually, this photo doesn't really make it look all that bad. I suppose the point was to showcase my total disgust.

The Planters are Gone!!

I've already crossed a task off my list! But I can't take the credit. It goes to Darcy and Sean. They had already removed them by the time I arrived home last Wednesday. It's great because Sean wanted planters for his garden and we wanted a bigger deck. Win win, win. I only wish I could have taken a 'before' picture for a comparison.

An 'after' will have to do. Bring on the patio parties!

Monday, 14 March 2011


I've been a bit slow on the draw making up my "2011 goals" list, but the closer the spring gets, the more ideas and inspiration I'm finding crammed inside my head. I've decided to start this blog in order to unload some of the junk that's in there. Hopefully it will serve as a small fire to keep me motivated, or at least preserve the ideas for the future.

I'm bagged tonight (I blame booze, and daylight savings) but I just had to get this started. I jotted down this list...I'm sure I'm forgetting something(s) and I'm positive there is more to come.