Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spice Rack

We've needed a spice storage solution for awhile now. Because Darcy has gotten so into cooking, I didn't think it was silly to really get creative and spend some time making a serious spice rack.

I was watching Chef at Home one day (which I find SUPER irritating, but that's not my point) and I loved how Michael Smith had his spices in mason jars. It looked so pretty. He had them stored in a giant pantry; I think they had their own freakin' wall. I definitely don't have that much space, but we do have a pass-through window that separates the kitchen and dining room. I decided to build a shelf that would fit perfectly in the space to hold mini masons of spices.

I have to thank my friend Tom for supplying the materials and the skills on this one (I still owe him a dinner!) He did encourage me to get on the saw and make a few cuts. So I did. Felt awesome. So tough.

It took me a long time and more than a few coats of paint to complete this project, but it's finally up! There was even space at the top to hold our cute le creuset mini cocottes!

Ack! Adorable. A picture wont do it justice, but this thing looks great in the morning when the sun is shining through it. Have I mentioned that I love spring?


  1. Great work! I love storing spices in Mason jars, it really is beautiful.

  2. Seeing it in person, it really is beautiful! I love it and can't wait until I can have one myself. Once me and Matthew move (one day) I'll definitely get that big hunk of man over to my place to show me how to make one.