Thursday, 31 March 2011

Weaving, Tulips and Best Bud B-day gifts

I'm sad to say that on Sunday I will be attending my 5th and final weaving class which takes place across the street at Birkeland Brothers. I've already finished my main project and I LOVE it. I chose two super bright colours, turquoise and orange, to make a table runner for the coffee table. My colour choices raised a few eyebrows, but I thought they looked awesome together. Once I got weaving I realized why some people may have been skeptical...the colours are pretty trippy together. But now that the project is complete, it looks totally amazing.

I feel I need to brag that I was the first one to complete their project. Also, when our instructor, Jane, e-mailed some photos from the class to me, she said "YOU'RE THE STAR!!!!!". Just like that; in all caps. *smug grin.

For my final class, I think I want to start a set of coasters...but I don't know what colours to choose. I also don't want to spend a ton of $$ on four 3"x3" coasters. Hhmmm...Maybe the other ladies will lend me their scraps...

Here's a fun sequence of shots of me taking my table runner off the loom! Jane's to my left cheering me on:

And here it is in its new home:

Which brings me to the next topic of this post..TULIPS! It is freaking beautiful outside. It's SPRING. I want it too look like spring in the apartment too. There's a flower guy on the corner of Granville and Broadway that sells 2 bunches of tulips for $5.00. Sometimes he'll even sell 3 bunches of older tulips for $5.00. Best deal in town!

We celebrated a couple of great friends on their birthday last night. My lovely friend Ashley was the lucky recipient if this hand made wonder from yours truly! It's going to look great in the back window of her new ride.


  1. FYI - you can keep your tulips standing upright by wrapping newspaper around them at night. A bit of work but keeps them looking fresh.

  2. I've also heard that making a small incision on the stem right under the flower with a sharp knife or a pin works too. Fun facts!

  3. hey, nice work up in here!!!

  4. You're kind of amazing Chantelle!