Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The wedding quilt I'm making is really coming along. It's been smooth sailing so far, without any major speed-bumps. I now only have 2 and a half weeks to complete it.
Lucky for me though, I have a little buddy to help speed the process along:

He has been super supportive through every step of the process:

Strange, he never wants to hang out when I'm lounging around. I guess he's just not that kinda cat. He really likes to get into the action.
I may end up spending a few hours at Spool of Thread putting the quilt top, cotton batting and quilt bottom together because I could really use their expertise, space and equipment to make the actual quilting less daunting.
Here's one third of the quilt top done! I'm lovin' it:

 Now no more pictures until it's complete!

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  1. talented lady. these projects are fantastic!!!