Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Strawberry Shortcake and Gardening at Night

I think my new favourite thing might be baking! In the last month(ish) I've successfully made salty caramel brownies (recipe pulled from The Marion House Book), peanut butter cookies (a recipe I used to make all the time from an ancient Better Homes and Gardens cookbook eventually given to me by my mom) and finally, strawberry shortcake. For the strawberry shortcake, I used Ricardo's recipe because I just think he's cool...and I like his accent.
This was super easy, fast and fun to make.
I did learn a valuable lesson when baking: leave the boozing until after you've finished. I completely forgot to add a crucial ingredient. But I fixed the problem and averted a total baking fail. I think it turned out great!

Gardening is something I've been dreading this year. Maybe it's been the weather or maybe I've just been lazy, I don't know. But last night I started weeding and then next thing I knew I was at Home Depot at 8:30 checking out with 3 big bags of soil, amazing daisies, mini carnations and marigolds. By then time I finished weeding and started planting, it was dark and raining. But I got the job done and it looks great. I didn't realize how much the unkempt state of our patio was bothering me until I saw it looking beautiful again.

Between transplanting flowers and herbs into pots and planters, Darcy BBQed up some stuffed mushrooms and prawn and beef skewers. Such a nice night.


  1. LOVE ricardo! and the strawb short...

  2. what i wouldn't give for another taste of that sweet strawberry shortcake...

  3. hurry up and post some photos of the finished quilt!!!