Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Success! A Wedding Quilt

Well, it took hours of quilting with my mother-in-law on Thursday, and until 3 am Friday night, but I did it! I finished the quilt!

I have to say, if it wasn't for my MIL, I don't know what I would have done. She helped me A LOT. She even did some of the quilting for me while I was out at the rehearsal. Thank you Maureen!

When I finally put in the last stitch in at 1:30 Saturday morning, I excitedly pulled the blanket out from the machine, spread it out on the floor and immediately started crying tears of joy. I may have been a bit delirious. I think I was, because the next thought that entered my head was that I HAD to make a patch for the quilt that had the bride's and groom's names embroidered on it along with the date of their wedding. That took me to 3 am. But it was worth it.
Check it out!

Thanks to Mom and Maureen for holding it up for me while I shot the photo.
Here's a cheesy one of it on a chair in the garden.

I would have taken a few more/better photos, including one of the patch, but I had to rush out of the house to meet the ladies at the salon.
Anyway, I've totally caught the quilting bug. I just got a brand new quilting machine (courtesy of that amazing MIL I've been talking about) and my next project is going to be a mini quilt of some sort. I'm going to team up with my gal pal Ash and try to pass the bug onto her.


  1. Sick! Lol, I'm stoked, was just checkin' out the mini rainbow quilt.

  2. Had I only known! I was searching high and low for a wedding quilt for two friends of mine. This is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful - love the pattern and colours you chose!