Friday, 30 September 2011


I told myself I wouldn't buy any yarn at the yarn swap unless it worked for one of my three sweaters.

Well, I did anyway. 

We Will Tell You All of our Secrets' yarn was just too cool to pass up. I don't know much (anything) about dying yarn, but this local gal uses bugs (as well as plants) to dye her yarn. Neat! I just loved the colours she had: yellows, peaches, fuchsia and few splashes of indigo. 
I picked up this 75% wool, 25% nylon blend sock weight yarn:

So...I guess I'm going to try knitting a pair of socks? Yeah, those will eventually get done. Probably around this time next year...
Look at the care that went into making even just the label for the yarn. This was wrapped around the hank before it was wound into a ball:

After spending all my money on yarn, beer and raffle tickets, (prizes included yarn, books and a spot on Knit Social's first weekend knitters retreat), this super fun yarn caught my eye. I think I can finally admit that fluorescent green is my new favourite colour:

Out of funds, I pocketed one of Alexa's Gourmet Crafter Yarn's  business cards with the intention of purchasing her yarn on Etsy. Luckily for me, I ended up winning a hank of her sock yarn from the raffle I entered! She knew how how much I loved her fluro-green yarn and she offered to let me swap it. Thanks Alexa!

And thank you Knit Social.

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