Sunday, 30 December 2012

Angie's Sweater, C'est Fini!

I finished Angela's sweater last night! It's a Jared Flood design called Tinder. I've been warned about Jared Flood patterns from a couple of the knit night ladies who ended up with knitting disasters, but this sweater turned out great.

I wish I had a photo of Ang wearing the sweater because it looks A LOT better on her than it does on me. For instance, the buttons don't bust open...because it fits her properly. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL WORK! When I was a kid we had a club called the knitwits. However, I never did learn to knit. I wish I had. Any ideas where I can learn to knit? Tracey

    Here is a blog you may like...

  2. So so nice... I love the pattern on the front and back. She can wear it as a cardigan with the buttons open or all done up with the collar around her neck - so cozy!! Love the charcoal grey too.