Thursday, 3 October 2013

Sweater for Ash

Over 4 years ago I bought myself a bunch of forest green Cascade Eco with the intention of knitting my very first adult sized sweater. I knit the back of the sweater, but I put the project on hold to knit the Owls Sweater with our newly formed "knit night".

Since then I've knit and sewn and woven a few things, mostly gifts, but I still hadn't knit myself a sweater. I decided to pick up the green yarn and a new pattern and start a sweater for me. But as soon as I started knitting it, I knew it wasn't for me at all - it was for Ashley! Here are a few iPhone photos from last night:

I had to wear it at least once before giving it away though :) so I wore it to work earlier that day and sent Ash a selfie from the staff ladies room...

I'm already well into my next knitting project and can't wait to share the details!


  1. Nice job Chantelle! Looks great on you both.

  2. really amazing, chantelle. it's so perfect for her! such talent...

  3. Yes Chantelle, this sweater is incredibly wonderful to wear...I am so very appreciative of your amazing talent and gift. Great work baby!